I’m not really a fan of reviews, but the Season 6 finale of Game of Thrones has reached a whole new level of brilliance, and we need to talk about it!

And just like that, a new ruler has ascended to the Iron Throne.

Anyone else get the feeling they’ve been slowly turning a Rubiks Cube and finally this episode you see that each color is coming together right? It was a complete rollercoaster of emotions, and I’m sure most of us bit through the skin of our fingers during the most intense ‘sattar minute’ of television. Here’s how it went down for me –

– Not going to lie, I was sweating during the scenes at King’s Landing waiting for the wildfire madness to start. The background score was so beautifully ominous, and the build-up so great that you could feel the dread creeping upon you, even though you know exactly what is coming. Still can’t get over Margaery’s death though..

– I don’t want to see what the Mountain looks like..No..Oh God, please do not take your helmet off..Shit he’s taking it off..*watching through the gaps in my fingers*..Crap! (Thank you for not showing what kind of torture he is inflicting on Septa Unella).

– THAT LIBRARY!! Absolute nerdgasm. Also, slight Harry Potter flashback.

– Well..I don’t really care about Melisandre being exiled, now that she’s brought our favorite bastard back from the dead. Especially since all I see now when I look at her is centuries worth of old-age (You’re welcome for the picture in your head).

– WTF why are we in Dorne agai-ohhhhhh that’s why. OOHH WHAAAT!? Umm..I actually don’t mind staying in Dorne a while longer if the Queen of Thorns is going to continue hurling insults at those useless little girls..

– ARYAAAA..YOU GO GIRL!! That was so brutally satisfying. Die, you revolting, disgusting Argus Filch..I mean..Walder Frey! On the other hand, her coldbloodedness is starting to worry me a bit.

– Bran, Meera and Benjen – Oh thank God you’re here. Please confirm what we all want to hear, goddamn it!

– *Huuuuuge sigh of relief* R + L = J!!!!!!! Jon’s a bastard no more! Actually, if Rhaegar & Lyanna had him out of wedlock, he’s still an illegitimate kid, but I think we can overlook that little detail.


– Shoutout to little Lady Lyanna, aka Lady of Slay, for those truth bombs she dropped on the other heads of houses that turned their backs on the Starks. Petition to have Lady Lyanna rule everything, please.

– Shoutout to the costume designer for making sure Cersei’s new black wardrobe matched her black heart and even blacker soul. This has marked the end of her humanity. Mad Queen Cersei.. I’m shuddering even writing that. Even Jaime seemed terrified of her at that point..it’d be kinda poetic if he is the valonqar who takes her down, don’t you think?

– Karmically fitting, I suppose, that Cersei’s son should deliberately plummet from one window as the end result of a long string of events that began with her brother pushing Ned Stark’s son out of another.

– Congrats Dany on finally making way to Westeros. It only took 6 seasons, but high five.

It’s a feat to be able to shock and satisfy the viewers after Battle of the Bastards, but the creators did so much more. They beautifully pulled together the threads carefully woven through all the seasons into revealing finally where the show is headed, and has set up the stage for a Clash of the Queens in the next season.

An absolute masterpiece.


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