Darling, let’s dance in the rain


“There’s something incredibly intimate about letting the rain kiss you…letting it beat upon your head like silver liquid drops…letting it sing you a lullaby…Just letting it rain over you.”

Clichéd as it sounds, the monsoon is my happiest time of the year. For most people, it’s cos it brings the temperature down, drives away the heat(even if temporarily), and brings with it the cool, lovely breeze that just somehow seems to take away the heavy, heavy load of trouble as it touches us.

For me it’s more than just the weather or the wind. It is everything that the rain brings with it – the way everything seems to become more beautiful the moment rain falls on it, the way it just seems to soften whatever it touches, the gentle, soothing pitter-patter of the drops playing their soothing melody on our eardrums, how it seems to wash away every bad thing around you when it touches you and replaces it with this warm, fuzzy feeling, the petrichor- such a beautiful assault on all our senses!

It’s funny how although we glorify the rains no end, we run for shelter the moment the first drops start to fall from the sky. You step out of office, feel those tiny droplets on your face, and rush to the nearest place that would shield you, along with everyone else around you. You stand there in the shade, waiting for the glorious downpour to end, along with the others in your elite group, while the run-of-the-mill folks are having the time of their lives, splashing around and jumping in puddles. You want to go out there and dance in the rain, but you don’t. You hold yourself back, not letting the child inside you take over, refusing to let go.

I’m pretty sure it’s not entirely because you’d have to go home soaked to the skin or because your phone would stop working. I think it’s all about perception. We worry about how we’re being perceived, then ponder, hesitate and eventually hold back, suppressing these little desires that would give us these little moments of joy.

We don’t need to hide ourselves. We don’t need to keep up the façade that people want to see in us. Step outside. Let those little drops wash over you, embrace you. Because every rain is not a storm, darling. So come, let go and dance in the rain!


Singin’ in the Rain


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