Of Reasons and Resolutions.

So it’s time for all the New Year New Me hogwash. You want to suddenly start reading more, empty your house of junk in the hungover state on the first day of the year to start a diet and get in shape, turn into Beethoven by the end of the second month, go backpacking in Europe before Diwali, transition into an early-to-bed-early-to-rise person and yada yada yada. Sure, you can go ahead and make these unrealistic ‘resolutions'(that we’re all bound to break ten days into the month) to transform overnight into someone you do not recognize at the moment, and then harp about how promises and resolutions are meant to be broken. Or you can be less dramatic and take life one step at a time. Get real, and resolve to do something that you truly believe viable, and go make it happen. And now I suddenly feel grown up.

So since I seem to be making quite a lot of sense right now, I’m gonna do the grown up thing and go ahead and make my resolutions – something I’d quit doing years ago after repeatedly failing to keep up due to sheer procrastination, and not all of which I’m gonna talk about here till I’ve gotten around to taking one step toward accomplishing it.

I resolve to write more, and be a bigger part of the blogosphere. It’s not gonna be too hard, but it ain’t going to be a piece of cake either. Cos it’ll take a lot more effort and willpower to open the Word doc and start typing when you can just open VLC and watch one of the million episodes of mind-blowing series calling out to you from your hard disk. And yet, I know that the desire to write grows with writing. I also know that I’m not great at what I write right now, but then again, first drafts don’t have to be perfect – they just have to be written. So here I am, resolving to be a better writer by actually writing!

But honestly, why do we make these resolutions? What gives us a reason to believe that we will go through with it, and stick to it? Maybe because we think believing in something has the power to change things. Maybe we believe that some sudden stroke of determination will jolt us out of the monotony of life and push us toward making a difference. Maybe it gives us something to hope for, something to dream about. Or maybe, just maybe, we don’t even need a reason to believe.

Reason to Believe


2 thoughts on “Of Reasons and Resolutions.

  1. I’m doing the same thing as you, far from easy as not every day is a good writing day but it’s nice to see that other people here are facing the same challenges! So keep going and I’ll resolve to do the same!

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