So I’m finally doing it. Starting a blog. Again. And no firewall or mai-ka-lal is gonna stop me this time! Though procrastination is something I’ve been suffering from for quite some time. And I need to get rid of it. Soon.

Since its not new or anything, I thought I’d continue where I left off. Let me take the liberty of  reproducing my last post from my old blog. 🙂

9 Layers of me..

Layer One: 

Name: Saira
Birth date: November 14th, 1988
Birthplace: A quaint li’l town in Saudi Arabia
Current Location: Madras, India (I’ll die before anyone gets me to say Chennai!)
Eye Color: Black
Hair Color: Black. Lustrous black
Height: 5 foot 6 inches (once it was 5’6” and ¾ of an inch but I shrunk)
Righty or Lefty: Righty
Zodiac Sign: Scorpio. I sting!

Layer Two:

Heritage: Quarter Vellore, quarter Saudi, Half Madras. Oh hell! I’m a Madrasi through and through.
Shoes Worn Today: My favorite black-n-brown daily wear sandals.
Weaknesses: Books. And good smell. Can’t resist!

Fears: Heights, spiral staircases.
The Perfect Pizza: Sausage, Chunks of chicken, Extra Cheese. Thick crust, white sauce, spongy soft.
Desired Goal: I would say to be happy but I’m happy now. I would say rich but money doesn’t buy happiness. I don’t think I really have a desired goal. I just want to live my life on my own terms and without regrets.

Layer Three:

Most Overused Phrases: I know!
First Waking Thoughts: “Can I bunk work today? Who invented this stupid morning thing anyway?!”
Best Physical Feature: I love my hair! And people say I have a nice smile. 🙂
Most Missed Memory: Isn’t the point to memories the fact that you remember them? If I missed the memory, it wouldn’t be a memory anymore.

Layer Four:

Pepsi or Coke: Diet Coke.
McDonald’s or Burger King: McDonald’s!
Single or Group Dates: Very much single.

Adidas or Nike: I don’t like shoes. If it was up to me, we would all be barefoot.
Lipton Ice Tea or Nestea: Lipton Ice Tea with a dash of lime.
Chocolate or Vanilla: Chocolate of course! I’m a girl man!
Cappuccino or Coffee: Coffee alllll the way! Bittersweet with very less milk.

Layer Five:

Cuss: Swear? Me? Never. Please. All you’ll ever hear me say is “Go Jump!”
Sing: Yes. Watching tv, in my room, listening to any song I like, sometimes in the shower. Whenever I can. (Pssst..My voice would really suit the Naakka Mukka song, but that’s a secret!)
Shower Everyday: Pretty much. Unless I am feeling lazier than I do every day.
Ever Been in Love: Maybe. Maybe not. If you believe that love makes you do things that you’d never imagined yourself doing willingly, yes.
Want to Go to College: Yes. I kind of miss it.
Liked High School: Totally! Best time of my life.
Want to Get Married: Yes, I do. But to the person I love. I believe the real joy of living is when you share yourself with someone you love. And oh, he has to be rich and afford staff because I hate to cook and clean. 😉
Believe in Self: Always have.
Get Motion Sickness: Yes. Unless I read (which is weird, I know) or strain my eyes.
Think Yourself Attractive: Yes and no. I am not overly fond of my body but I do think I can be kinda pretty at times.
Think you’re a Health Nut: Uh, no.
Get Along with Parent(s): Well, I get along a lot better with them when I’m not doing something that they hate.
Like Thunderstorms: Love them. Lightning is cool. And, oh the rain!
Play an Instrument: Kind of. Tried my hand at the guitar and dropped it for the time being. I need to take more time out for myself to do things I love. I will. Soon.

Layer Six:

In the Past Month…

Drank Alcohol: Nope.
Done a Drug: Nope. Nor do I ever plan to.
Made Out: Naa..
Gone on a Date: A few amazing ones. Also catastrophic ones.
Visited the Mall: Yes. Hate it..
Eaten an Entire Box of Oreos?: No.
Eaten Sushi: Eww! I almost puked.
Been on Stage: Not in the past month.
Been Dumped: Ha! No.
Gone Skating: Do people skate anymore?
Made Homemade Cookies: No. Helped Mom with them when I was a kid.( And they turned out edible.)
Dyed your Hair: Yes. Two weeks back.
Stolen Anything: Yes. A couple of clothes from unforgivably expensive stores. I am a hardened criminal.

Layer Seven:


Played a Game that Required the Removal of Clothing: No!
If So, Was it Mixed Company: Hell no!!
Been Trashed or Extremely Intoxicated: Naa..
Been Caught “Doing Something”: Gee, I wonder what you could mean by “Doing Something?”
Been Called a Tease: Yes.
Gotten Beaten Up: No.
Shoplifted: Yes. Not proud of it.
Changed Who You Were to Fit In: Nope. Nor will I ever will. Though I have tried unsuccessfully to fit into clothes one size smaller.

Layer Eight:

Age You Hope to be Married: Um, 30?
Numbers and Names of Children: One cute adorable girl I’d call Jasmine. Because its so much fun to dress up a daughter!
How Do You Want to Die: Die? Mwahahahaha! I shall live forever! Ok, in my sleep peacefully.
Where You Want to Go to College: Ummm I think I’m done with all the studying for a lifetime. Unless it’s a college where they teach Shortcut to Strumming or the like…
What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up: Someone worthwhile. Someone who will have the satisfaction of having LIVED her life.
What Country Would You Most Like to Visit: Mauritius. Oh the breathtaking beaches!

Layer Nine:

Number of Drugs Taken Illegally: None.
Number of People I Could Trust with My Life: Three.
Number of CDs I Own: No clue. Stopped keeping track of cds after getting my external hard disk.
Number of Piercings: Four.
Number of Tattoos: None.
Number of Times My Name Has Appeared in the Newspaper: Twice. Once along with photo. (No, it was not in the Wanted section. Stop giving me skeptical looks!)
Number of Scars on My Body: Too many to count, most of them on my hands and legs, though I was never a kabaddi player. I’m just clumsy I suppose. (Yes! Now give me my hot abstatic werewolf on a dirt bike!)
Number of Things in My Past that I Regret: Choosing engineering over Bio-technology and Visual Communication. I’d have been a successful somebody in the Media by now (something along the lines of Creative Director). Or at least a research-scientist discovering some earth-changing solution in the gene-pool of amoeba or fungi.

Dear God, please let me not procrastinate anymore.

And Happy Birthday to my bestest friend ever! God bless you with the amazing things in the world. 🙂


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